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 randonnées gravel sologne 2024


Article 1: The test

Gravel Tour Organization* represented by Francis Eloy and Hervé Danet and the CVCS* (Cyclisme Val de Cher Sologne) (*below “the organizers”) are organizing “Le Gravel Open de France” on May 25 and 26, 2024, under the aegis of the French Cyclotourism Federation and the French Handisport Federation. This cycling event is made up of two friendly mass events bringing together mainly gravel bike riders and, to a lesser extent, mountain bikers and electrically assisted bikes.

Part of the profits from the event will be devoted to the purchase of a tandem intended to promote the inclusion of people with reduced mobility in Gravel.

Type of event: Non-timed cycling tour, not giving rise to a ranking.

Article 2: conditions of participation

> Be 18 years old on the date of the event, 14 years old with a medical certificate of fitness and accompanied by a responsible adult and  for Gravelor 70, 30 and 10.

> Only gravel bikes, cyclocross bikes and mountain bikes in good condition are authorized, whether electric or not, as well as all-terrain handbikes on the dedicated courses.
> Wearing a valid approved hard-shell helmet is mandatory throughout the duration of the events.

> Mandatory self-repair kit.

> Specific bike for Gravel, MTB, electric or not, in perfect condition
> Wear clothing suitable for practice
> At least 1 spare inner tube
> A pump
> A “multi tools” key

> A chain drift
> Cup
> Minimum water reserve 0.5 liters
> Food reserve
> Waterproof jacket
> A pair of gloves

> A trash bag
> An ID
> Always-on mobile phone operating on the French network with the organization's numbers in the directory, unmasked personal number and fully charged battery.

Article 3: Hosting on the site

The organization has pitches (bare without power supply) with the possibility of installing a tent (Canadian type 1/3 places maximum) or a camper van. 

The number of locations is limited and they will be allocated as requests are made online after final registration, until the number of available locations is exhausted.

Participants undertake not to damage the entrusted location, to respect the vegetation and to clean it completely before releasing it.

The rules of good neighborliness apply to everyone, music and unwanted noise are prohibited on the site from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Cleaning and/or repair costs will be billed to the occupant of the location in the event of obvious non-compliance with article 3.

Article 4: registration fees

Registrations are done online on the site and also on site on Sunday June 12 only for the 60km unless the number of bibs is reached before this date.

Registration includes:

> Fees collected by our
> See the detailed descriptions of the routes in article 1

> Participant bag: Given the manufacturing lead times for personalized participant gifts, their allocation is not guaranteed for registrations registered less than 2 weeks before the event.

Registration does not include:
> Consumption from exhibitors and repair or intervention costs during the event and anything not detailed in article 1.

Prices :

> See article 1

Article 5: Insurance

In accordance with current legislation, the organizer took out civil liability insurance when registering the event with the FFCT. This civil liability insurance guarantees the financial consequences of its liability, that of its employees and all participants in the La Gravel Sologne events. This only takes effect for the duration of the event, for participants regularly registered and checked at the start and until the finish.

With regard to the civil liability of participants, the intervention of this insurance is limited to accidents which they could cause to third parties during the course of the sporting event. Furthermore, this guarantee will intervene in addition to or in addition to other insurance from which they could otherwise benefit.

Individual Personal Accident: it is up to participants to guarantee themselves and to be in possession of individual accident insurance covering possible research costs. Licensees must check with their Federation that they are covered for bodily injury incurred during their participation in this type of event.
Otherwise, it is in their interest, as well as that of non-licensees, to take out appropriate insurance of their choice.

Material Damage and Liability: neither the organizer nor its insurer covers any damage that participants' materials and equipment may suffer, particularly in the event of a fall or theft. It is everyone's responsibility to take out insurance against this type of risk with their insurer or not. Participants acknowledge the organizers' non-responsibility for monitoring personal property or objects in the event of theft or loss. Objects, accessories or bicycles given to third parties during the event (member of the organization or not) will be under the full responsibility of the depositing participant.

The organizer declines all responsibility in the event of an accident caused by the throwing of any object, container, food, document, paper or rubbish on the route. In the event of an infraction, the competitor will be the only one criminally responsible at his own risk, but in addition, he will be the only one civilly responsible for accidents of which he is the direct or indirect author or victim.

Article 6: timetables

>See article 1: Attendance at the pre-race briefing is mandatory.

Article 7: Travel time

> See article 1: The estimated travel times take into account possible differences in level, participants must respect the planned averages.

Article 8: marking of routes and GPS tracks

The routes are not marked but colored markers will be placed if necessary at route crossings. Participants must follow the routes indicated by the GPS track provided; no change of track or shortcut is permitted.

Article 9: allocations

Registration for the event involves registration for the draw for lottery prizes which, if organized, will take place on Sunday May 21, 2023 after the arrival of all participants of the 4 courses. No lot can be exchanged, refunded or sent. 

A “Special Sponsorship” draw with specific prizes may be organized for the benefit of participants who have sponsored at least 5 people, participants registered in one of the formulas and who have mentioned the name of their sponsor on their registration form.

Article 10: commitments of participants: by taking part in the event, participants undertake to:

·       Be respectful of other participants, organizers and people outside the events (hikers, passers-by, etc.).

·       Be aware of the risks associated with cycling, individual or collective falls, etc. and the consequences this could have on their health.

·       Have acquired a sufficient sporting level and in relation to the course for which they are committing.

·       Only take the route they signed up for.

·       Do not throw trash on the route and use the trash cans provided at the aid stations.

·       Be sure to follow the instructions given by the organizers, given at the start or along the route.

·       Ride at a speed that never puts them or other participants in danger.

·       Be extremely careful in the park and around the Château de Chambord as well as in all other tourist sites on the route and drive at a pace appropriate to the conditions. possible presence of tourists, pedestrians, users and animals. The participant's liability may be incurred in the event of a disaster.

·       Provide assistance to anyone in difficulty on the route and notify the organization as soon as possible.

·       To warn participants of danger on the course by any possible means.

·       To notify the organization by phone call or text message in the event of abandonment, no repatriation service is provided.

·       Strictly respect the highway code and signs.

Article 11: image rights

All participants in the Gravel Sologne expressly authorize the organizers as well as their rights holders such as partners and media, to use the results and the still or audiovisual images, on which it may appear during the event, on any medium including including promotional and advertising materials, worldwide and for the longest period provided for by law, regulations or treaties.

More precisely in matters of copyright by the legislative or regulatory provisions, the judicial and/or arbitral decisions of any country as well as by current or future international conventions, including for possible extensions which could be made to this duration. Information Technology and Liberties: In accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access and rectify personal data concerning you. Through us, you may receive proposals from other companies or associations. These may be used, transferred, rented or exchanged in particular for commercial information operations, results, and the press. If you do not wish this, simply write to us at this email address: by telling us your name, first name, address, email and if possible your bib number.

Article 12: safety and health

Participants must scrupulously respect the instructions of the organization's volunteers present, if necessary, at certain points of the route, including momentary stopping or changing tracks.

The organization will adapt its program and the reception of the public to the recommendations and prohibitions dictated by the authorities.

Article 13: Modification / cancellation

In the event of unfavorable weather or a force majeure event, a pandemic or circumstances endangering participants, the organizers reserve the right to make modifications, neutralization, stopping or cancellation of the events if no fallback solution is available. can be considered.

In the event of cancellation of the event due to force majeure, government decree or prefectural order linked to the health crisis, the organizer will reimburse the registration.

Article 14: complaint

Any complaint must be presented to the event director alone who will be the sole judge of the action to be taken and of possible sanctions. Any interpretation or complaint concerning the event, the regulations or their application must be sent, in writing, to the organizer, indicating the competitor's surname, first name and bib number,, within 30 days after the announcement of the results. After this period, no claim will be accepted. No telephone requests will be answered.

Article 15: Membership

Registration for Gravel Sologne entails full and complete adherence to the rules of the event by the participant.

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