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gravel sologne handisport 2024

The Gravel Sologne Challenge Handisport

Unique in France, all the courses of the Gravel Open de France 2024 are mixed, open to individual competitors on Gravel (MTB and VAE admitted 10% maximum) and to individual disabled sports participants (4 mandatory support points) or tandem Gravel or TT.

Also on the program is Gravelor 10, a 7 km loop + 1.5 km connection from castle of Beauvais and the Gravelor 30, 27 km rolling disabled sports brand.


Participate with your gravel bike, mountain bike, e-bike, handbike, crossbike, tricycle, quadricycle and similar, with or without electrical assistance, all off-road.

You will need a accommodationPMR?

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Gravel Sologne Handisport Challenge 2023

Gravel Sologne had the pleasure of welcoming two exceptional sponsors for the Gravel Sologne Challenge Handisport 2023: Thomas Tarou cycling champion and Sebastien Garcia from the VTT & Gravel Handisport.

Both participated in the Saturday and Sunday hikes. Thank you to them for carrying the colors of para-cycling so high!

Nos partenaires Handisport 2024

Le Gravel Open de France, avec le soutien  actif de la Fédération Française Handisport, inscrit une nouvelle  fois un Gravel Mixte inclusif au calendrier National en proposant ses deux épreuves avec 11 randonnées Gravel, le Gravel Sologne et le Gravel Masters.

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