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The team

Francis Eloy gravel sologne 2024


GTO Team Manager

Gravel Tour Organization

Hervé Danet gravel sologne 2024


Contact Clubs Team GTO

operational manager

Michel Brisson gravel sologne 2024


President of CVCS

Cycling Val de Cher Sologne

Florent gravel sologne 2024


Team GTO Plotter

Technical director



I am Michel Brisson, president of CVCS, Cyclisme Val de Cher Sologne partner of GTO (Gravel Tour Organisation) in the organization of Gravel Sologne.

The CVCS is the cycling club of Romorantin, Loir et Cher.

We are nearly 60 members who practice road cycling, cyclo-cross, track, mountain biking and gravel in competition or leisure.

The sector covered by the club is important, Romorantin-Lanthenay, Selles-sur-Cher, St Aignan sur Cher, Noyers sur Cher, i.e. a good part of the south of Loir et Cher.

We are seriously preparing this second edition of Gravel Sologne with the hope that you will enjoy eating stones on our Solognot paths before our  famous tarte tatin.

So we are waiting for you, ready to do battle with our undergrowth and our wild boars!



CVCS romorantin gravel sologne 2022
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